Welcome to Vardhman Dental Care

Mission Statement : “We believe that world-class dental treatment can be done even in a developing country like India. A little extra effort has made this possible; while still keeping dental treatment affordable. We also believe that the faith of our clients, who have entrusted us with the care of their teeth, is sacrosanct – it has to be honored. At Vardhman Dental Care, the bases for our services are – Prevention, Healing, Enhancement, Protection, and Replacement. ”

Welcome to the official website of Vardhman Dental Care – our multi-disciplinary dental clinic, located conveniently in North Delhi since 1999. From the mundane to highly specific – All dental treatments are provided by the skilled, experienced and compassionate team.

At Vardhman Dental Care, high-quality dental-products, equipment and dental-laboratories of high-repute & expertise are utilized in the treatment. The service providers are a team of dental surgeons from different walks of dentistry, and are a rich mix of experience & professionalism.
At Vardhman Dental Care, we aim to provide you a fulfilling dental experience in a pleasant, calming and hygienic environment.

Your comfort and time-constraint is one of our top concerns; hence, our practice is appointment-based, ultimately for your convenience.

You could be seeking our services under certain stress caused by a painful dental problem – You will be attended to at the earliest during such emergencies.

Ours is a family dental practice, where care is taken to promote healthy dental habits for you and your near & dear ones. This way, potential dental problems can be prevented; and existing problems can be corrected before they turn severe. This prevents distressing and painful conditions, which require lengthy and expensive treatments. We believe that ‘home-care’ and ‘periodic dental check-up’ are as important as your immediate dental requirements.

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