In this section, we will try to explain the rationale behind the charges of different dental treatments before moving over to the estimate of the fee-structure at our clinic:

No two dental practices are alike. The fact that different dentist in Delhi will suggest different plans to treat your condition does not necessarily mean that one plan is better than another. A dentist will suggest what he/she feels is the best plan for you, and will also inform you about the other possible treatments. There could be more than one way to treat the same problem.

The best dentist in Delhi will design the treatment plan as per your requirements. Think of treatment plans like different types of, say, cellphones. Cellphones of different companies will all supposedly work well. The higher-end models could have some advantages over the less expensive ones. Some types have features giving a better look and feel to it. Some add to the aftercare of the device.

Dental treatment plans are like that too – Saving a badly damaged tooth with a root canal treatment (RCT) and a crown will preserve it for a long time but will be more expensive than getting the tooth removed in the first place. Similarly, a missing tooth may be replaced using an implant or fixed-bridge, or a much less expensive removable partial denture.

At Vardhman Dental Care, we consider it our duty to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various options and allow you to make the decision.

To understand fees in dentistry, it is important first to understand the difference between products and services. Products are objects like clothing, battery, and gadgets. Services are the human labor involved in their making, placing and changing. For example, a car-battery, fuses, oil, and tyres are the products. The mechanic provides a service by installing, repairing or changing them for you. Products can be mass produced and distributed all over the world.

A service would depend upon the labor and intelligence of a single person. Since everything you get in a dental clinic in Pitampura is a service, the value of dental services is not measured solely in, say, the size of a filling, or the cost of the material used to do it. The time it takes to perform the service is certainly a factor, and so is the technical excellence of the finished product, and yet they are not the only factors that count.

It costs a lot of money for a dentist in Pitampura simply to purchase and install the necessary equipment. In addition, regular monthly expenses are quite large. The employed personnel has to be paid their wages, and the cost of your filling has to reflect this too. The dentist might have to pay rent, purchase many types of insurance, periodically upgrade equipment, and provide himself and his staff with continuing education.

One factor that is very important is the cost of infection-control. Each patient requires several pairs of gloves per operator, as well as expensive disposables such as needles, surgical masks, etc.

Last, but not the least, is the cost of the expendables such as anesthetic, filling materials, the cost of lab-produced items, etc, etc. Hence the final price of the dental services you purchase has to take all these into consideration.

All dentists who have graduated from accredited dental-institutes would be technically competent to perform any procedure that they personally feel comfortable performing. But it is important to remember that each one is an individual, and no two dentists can perform exactly the same technical procedure in exactly the same way.

Why no single dentist can perform exactly the same procedure exactly the same way twice in a row! How well your filling turns out depends as much on, for example, how wide you can open your mouth as it does on the skills of the best dentist in Pitampura. Other than this, the vastness of experience of the dentist also matters in deciding upon a particular treatment plan.

At Vardhman Dental Care, you will find a rich mix of the latest trends in dental treatment, and decades of work experience.

Our Treatment Charges
Our dental-treatment charges, in ` (Indian Rupee/INR), are broadly listed as follows. This list is for indicative purpose only – Treatment charges could vary from case-to-case and from time-to-time (e.g., according to the value of the currency in international markets):

Corona-care charge (per visit) : 150/-
Consultation :   450/-
Specialist Consultation :   700/-
Digital IOPA X-Ray : 300/-
Digital OPG X-Ray : 600/-
Dental Implant : from    25000/-
Porcelain Metal Crown (Non-precious) {PFM, Metal-Ceramic} : from    5000/-
All-Ceramic Crown {Metal-free porcelain}    10000/-
Veneer (Ceramic) :    9000/-
Veneer (Composite) :    5000/-
Full Denture set (Upper + Lower) : from    19000/-
Removable Partial Denture [Acrylic] : from    3000/-
Removable Partial Denture [Flexible] : from    7000/-
Cosmetic (Tooth-Colored) Filling : from    1200/-
Fluoride Filling : from    900/-
Tooth-repair (Composite) : from   2500/-
Cosmetic-Shaping (Contouring/Coronoplasty) per tooth :    500/-
Home-Whitening : from   10000/-
In-Clinic Whitening : from   12000/-
Laser Gum-Depigmentation [per segment] : from   5500/-
Tooth-Crystal (Swarovski) : from  3500/-
Smile Designing : from 5000/-
Root Canal Treatment (R.C.T.) : from   5000/-
Endodontic surgery (e.g., Apicoectomy) : from   9500/-
Cleaning (Scaling & Polishing): from    2500/-
Deep-Cleaning (Curettage) [per tooth] :   900/-
Laser hygiene treatment [per quadrant] :   2500/-
Gum Surgery [per quadrant] :   9500/-
Bone Grafting : from    5500/-
Tooth-removal (Non-Surgical) : from    1000/-
Surgical/Impacted tooth removal : from   5500/-
Growth Removal : from   3500/-
Biopsy : from    5000/-
Metal : from   39000/-
Ceramic : from   49000/-
Invisalign: from 100000/-
Fluoride-Filling : from   900/-
Cleaning (Scaling) : from    1500/-
Sealant :   900/-
Fluoride Treatment [both arches] :   2000/-
Pulpotomy :   3500/-
R.C.T. (Milk tooth) :  from 5000/-
Stainless Steel Crown (Pedo Crown) : from  3500/-
Habit-Breaking Appliance : from   7000/-
Space Maintainer :   7000/-
Ulcer/ Sore pain-relief (by LASER) :   500/- onward
Splinting of Loose Teeth (for support {per tooth}) : 1100/-
Night-Guard [per arch]: 2500/-

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