Advances in the treatment of dentistry allow us to solve many of the oral problems. A misalignment of the teeth or an incorrect way of biting can be solved thanks to the Doctor Toledo Clinics placing an orthodontics that fits perfectly to your needs.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with diagnosing and preventing possible problems in terms of shape, position and mobility of the different parts that make up our buccal area. That is to say, the orthodontist deals with tasks such as the alignment of the teeth or the correct bite. In addition, by orthodontics we also understand that the devices themselves are fixed or removable for the correction and prevention of the problems.

Whether for pain or aesthetics, at the Vardhman Dental Care our orthodontists can help you recover your smile.

What problems can we solve?

The placement of orthodontics has different benefits and will also depend a lot on the type that we want or need to carry.

 Solve functional problems

For example, bite problems, with this you get a higher quality of life and prevent new problems in the teeth. Thanks to our treatment you can correct problems caused by biting badly.


Orthodontics also serves to achieve a correct alignment of the teeth. This can be used for aesthetic reasons, thus being able to enjoy a prettier smile, or also for health reasons. It can be used in children, adults or adolescents. A bad placement of different pieces can cause mechanical problems or the wear of some teeth.

A pretty smile

Getting aligned teeth and recovering their functionality also help to achieve a beautiful smile. Poorly placed teeth can lead to self-esteem problems that we can easily solve with orthodontics in different age ranges

Types of orthodontics

Thanks to the different advances in orthodontics, we can access numerous options that will be adapted to all types of people and to any objective. In this way we get a customized solution for each patient.

 Metallic orthodontics

It is the most traditional, or the best known. It is the orthodontics that is composed of metal brackets. These are the small pieces that are placed individually on each tooth and that are joined by a thin thread of the same material. With them, we will correct problems of biting and alignment, either for health or aesthetics.

 Invisible orthodontics

In this case, orthodontics consists in the creation of splints totally adapted to the patient with a translucent material. Thanks to this, it is an almost invisible device that helps aesthetics. It is also removable, so it provides extra comfort and allows oral cleaning is easier.

Lingual orthodontics

It is totally invisible when smiling. This is because it is placed on the inside of the teeth, so it is very difficult to detect it at first sight. It fulfils the same function as traditional orthodontics, but is more discreet, which is why it is in high demand by adults.

There are more types of orthodontics, thanks to them you can find the one that best suits you to solve any aesthetic or functional problem in your mouth.

There are solutions for everyone, just call and make an appointment to inform you, or stop by any of our dental clinics.

Benefits of orthodontics

A lack of dental pieces, not only affects physically, but also psychological, so it is very important to remedy on time.

As we see, orthodontics can solve a wide range of problems, but it can offer many more benefits.

  • Improvement of our health:First, it improves our oral health. Thanks to orthodontics, we can bite correctly again, enjoy more food, which helps you feel better and have a more balanced diet.
  • Teeth more durable:With the alignment of teeth we will achieve greater durability of them and reduce the chances of suffering premature wear.
  • Most beautiful smile:Aesthetics is one of the most common concerns today. Thanks to orthodontics, we get a perfect smile. The teeth are aligned, and this allows you to smile without worries. In addition, thanks to the new invisible orthodontics, the process is very simple since you look good even wearing braces.
  • Improvement of self-esteem:Recovering the smile helps us to see each other and feel better. Therefore, using orthodontics, can help you recover your self-esteem because you can smile with confidence.

Why the Vardhman Dental Care?

At Vardhman Dental Care we are specialists in getting you to smile again, we have experienced professionals in constant training. Thanks to this we can advise you and place the most modern orthodontics thanks to the most advanced treatments.

We are up to date on the latest in orthodontics to be able to offer you the most personalized solution.

In addition, we use the best materials so you can enjoy a corrector of maximum quality and that has a greater durability.