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Emergency Dentist in Delhi, Call Vardhman Dental Care in Emergency

I am not sure, but want to remind you that, you have landed in Delhi’s one of the leading dental care provider, Vardhman Dental Care. Get affordable dental Implant in Delhi and get your smile which you have lost. Here, you can easily afford treatment without any kind of problem, and you will get the best treatment ever.


Vardhman Dental Care is one of the best dentist in Delhi providing sophisticated dental services to its patients.

  • Root Canal Treatment in Pitampura
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Tooth-care for Children
  • Relief from Teeth-Sensitivity (caused by Cold, Sweet, Sour, Hot drinks & foods)
  • Cleaning of teeth (Scaling, Polishing & Root-planning)
  • Dental LASER : The following are some of the benefits of the dental-laser –
  • Wisdom-Tooth management (Also, for other unerupted or impacted teeth, such as Canines)
  • Soft-Tissue Biopsy
  • Growth removal
  • Gum De-pigmentation –Through Laser as well as surgical approaches.
  • Smile Designing :
  • Cosmetic Shaping of Teeth (for Dracula-teeth, Buck-Teeth etc.)
  • Solution for worn-out, abraded, eroded & disfigured teeth : Full-Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Smile-Brightening : Teeth Whitening in Pitampura
  • Dental Crystal (Swarovski)
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings (Cosmetic)
  • Gap-Closure
  • Repair of Chipped-off or broken teeth
  • Teeth Alignment or straightening (Orthodontics – Ceramic/Tooth-colored Braces)
  • Dentures (Full & Partial, Flexible or Rigid; Over dentures & Implant-supported)
  • Implants
  • Gum Treatment – Pyorrhea, Enlargement, Recession (Flap, Grafts)
  • Restoring support for Loose/Mobile Teeth – Grafting & Splinting
  • Habit-Breakers (for Thumb or Finger or Pillow-Suckers, Mouth-Breathers, Nail-Biters, Tongue-Thrusters)
  • Night-Guard (Protection against wearing-away of teeth caused by grinding or clenching)
  • Sports-Guards (for active sportspersons, especially those participating in contact-sports)
  • Treatment of Dental-Cysts
  • Treatment for Bad-Breath
  • Treatment of Bleeding Gums
  • Treatment of Swollen Gums
  • Treatment of Jaw-Fracture
  • Removal of hopelessly damaged/diseased teeth
  • Ultrasonic Equipment for gentle, efficient and comfortable hygiene maintenance
  • Specialists/Consultants for specific treatments, as & when required
  • Dental Home-Care Counseling, demonstration and training : Brushing, Flossing
  • Periodic Recall for servicing and upkeep of teeth
  • Dental X-rays (Intraoral)

Online reviews of a dentist tell you that how the patients have posted feed backs and what can the dentist do for you too. Do some research, before you book your appointment with a dentist in Delhi.

Dentist in Delhi Offering Quality, Affordable, Comprehensive Patient Care

Advances in dentistry within the last decade or so have led to incredible technological developments. If you want to have a better looking smile then you must visit one of the leading dentist in Delhi, Vardhman Dental Care. It can make your dream true by realigning your misaligned teeth string. According to many patients, which have got dental treatment from Vardhman Dental Care, they are fully satisfied with the treatment and they have achieved 100% relief from pain and other problems.  If you search online, there are many reviews for the dental treatment provided by the experts.

dentist in Delhi

Smile is a big role player to our personal lives. According to a survey conducted more than 90 percent of the people get attracted to the opposite sex due to their smile. When teeth grow, they are healthy but it depends on the way we maintain them. Some people suffer from serious illness, whereas some has no issue, as they maintain their oral health at the best.  So, here the point is that, it is entirely in our hands if we have healthy teeth or not.

Loss of teeth can affect one’s speech, eating habit and social life as well. Dental implants is a procedure through which artificial teeth is grown in the place of the lost teeth. Dental implant is one restorative dentistry procedure which can help you in replacing your lost teeth. For dental implant to be successful one needs to have very strong jawbones for the artificial teeth to grow.

Vardhman Dental Care is your personal dental clinic in Delhi. Our prime priority is to provide low cost dental treatment for all. Your oral health is our top priority.  Our entire team of dentists is dedicated to provide you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.  Our experts give priority to our patients and provide them information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health.

If you have any questions/concerns, or want to book an appointment, please call us +91 8285101213 or +91 (11) 47525361 or +91 (11) 27356026 or mail us  vardhmandentalcare@yahoo.com , vardhmandentalcare@gmail.com

Dentist in Delhi

Get Splendid Dental Treatments by Best Dentist in Delhi

Searching for the best dental clinic in Delhi to get a charming smile, recover your oral health problems by best dentist in Delhi. A dental surgeon provides all oral treatment of diseases with diagnosis and prevention depending on oral cavity condition. Dental care scientifically defines as maintenance of healthy teeth with oral hygiene and dentistry treatments. Prevention of teeth and mouth from dental disorders comes under Oral hygiene. Taking professional teeth care containing dental surgery plus hygiene comes under Dentistry treatment.

Working of Dentist in Delhi

A we all know a licensed dentist can take away all dental treatment having a specialization with a general training. Professional treatments services which every dentist does are teeth cleaning, dental fillings, dental implant of crowns and bridges, dental braces, root canal therapy and many more gums problems. If your wish is to have a super health then a good teeth is necessity. To take care from gum problems proper dental care is required, careful brushing, flossing and cleaning can be done on regular basis.

Educational Qualification of Dentist in Delhi

To become an oral health care specialist a medical training or advance training is required. After completing the training a granted certificate is permitted to doctor. Many specialists must undertake advance degree which is optional known as master’s degree in different extremes. While going to any dentist first know about their educational qualification before hand over your gum problems. There are so many fake dentist cases which can harm your health, so choose the best dentist having excelled knowledge with experience.

The dental team includes

Dental Assistants: they assist the dental operator by giving more efficient services for dental treatment. The working of dental assistants involves sterilizing instrument, guide patience for treatment, passing instrument to doctor during procedure, holding operation devices etc.

Dentist in Delhi

Dental hygienists: A licensed dental association professional who registered to practice within their country. They are dental professionals who work independently or along within the team of dental professional teams.

Dental technicians: A dental laboratory technician is members of dental team have the ability to restore the customized appliances construction and maintenance.

Dental therapists: It provides the restorative & preventative for dental health care services for children’s and youngsters.